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Satellite and Artificial Intelligence-powered predictions at your finger tips

No Hardware Installation

ConserWater uses satellites and AI to predict conditions at a farm-level, making it scalable to farms of any size anywhere in the world.

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Efficient & Reliable

ConserWater saves farmers 30% or more on water, electricity and fertilizer, and has been shown to be a reliable replacement for sensors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

ConserWater uses satellites, weather and other real-time data along with proprietary deep learning and reinforcement learning (artificial intelligence), to predict soil moisture, nitrogen, phosphorous and more.

Does it need any sensors?

ConserWater is sensor-free! No sensor installation required!

Do you use drones or aircraft for imaging?

ConserWater uses daily satellite data instead of using drones and aircraft, to provide you with timely information at a reasonable price.

What satellites do you use?

ConserWater uses a variety of public satellites (NASA, ESA, JAXA) and private satellites, with wavelengths ranging from UV to radio waves.

How has ConserWater been tested?

ConserWater has been tested in a variety of ways: trials with actual soil sensors, comparitive plant health studies on farms using ConserWater and more. Contact us to learn more.

At what soil depths does ConserWater provide information?

ConserWater's predictions are typically to the root zone of the plant you have growing on your field. However, it can also provide information at 4 different depths in the ground: 0 to 10 centimeters, 10 to 40 centimeters, 40 centimeters to 1 meter, 1 to 2 meters.

What is the meaning of the soil moisture, nitrogen and phosphorous values that ConserWater produces?

ConserWater produces volumetric soil moisture. This is the fraction of your soil that is water. If the soil moisture is 20% and if you heated that soil in an oven to remove the soil moisture, you would be left with just 80% of the volume since 20% of the volume was water. When irrigating, you want to make sure that the soil moisture stays at an acceptable and healthy level for the plants to have enough access to water. This is similar to using a soil moisture sensor. The nitrogen and phosphorous values ConserWater produces correspond to the rate at which the plant is able to consume available nitrogen or phosphorous from the soil, and hence they are given in units of the weight of the nutrient that can be consumed by the plants in every acre, for a given week. When fertilizing, you should make sure that the weight of fertilizer you supply is sufficient to ensure that the plants have an acceptable and healthy availability of nitrogen and phosphorous.

What crops are supported by ConserWater?

ConserWater is automatically able to detect the conditions of whatever you have growing on your farm, so ConserWater can be used for any typical crop on an open field. If you do not wish for you ConserWater to automatically detect your crop, you may also choose from a selection of 90+ crop categories that cover 99% of the crops grown on earth.

How large or small of a farm do I need to use ConserWater?

ConserWater works on farms of all sizes. It is scalable to any size because it does not use any ground sensors: no installation required.

Will it work for my greenhouse?

As of today, ConserWater does not support greenhouses but will in the future! Stay tuned!

What countries can I use ConserWater in?

ConserWater is currently supported in several countries, including USA, India, Israel and more! See the home page of for an interactive map. If your country is not listed, please contact us!

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